Introducing Minasp, a Nix package of Mew

[2024-03-17 Sun] #permalink

A long-standing issue of MELPA's Mew package is that it lacks some utility programs that are part of Mew. mewl is an example of such programs. Solving this issue will matter because a large number of potential users may suffer from it. However, there is a twist. Since an Emacs Lisp package is defined as a set of Emacs Lisp programs, MELPA does not support any external programs (e.g. written in C) as components of a package. Today, we are introducing an alternative way to install Mew, especially for those who are familiar with Nix: Minasp (“Mew Is Not A Single Program”). It is a simple Nix expression that depends on nixpkgs. We hope it helps Mew users who are annoyed by the above issue.

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