Farewell to Google AdSense (2022-07-12)

We no longer bother our visitors with Google's ads, which had been on since Oct 2010. Today we've retired all the snippets for them from our site. This is not a moral decision, rather is for improving the browsing experience of Note that we never employed Google Analytics to track visitors.

For those interested in our revenues from Google AdSense, the following figure summarizes our earning history.

Our earnings via Google AdSense in Apr 2014 - Jun 2022

In total JPY 2,791 during over eight years i.e. Apr 2014 - Jun 2022. The bottom line was JPY 5,333, summed up with JPY 2,542 earned in Oct 2010 - Mar 2014. But there is no payment as it needs the earnings exceeding the threshold of JPY 8,000. So in either way it did not worth the trouble.

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